Pick Your Brain, Pick the Oscars® Winners and an IPad Mini Could Be Yours

Know everything there is to know about movies? Seen everything that's up for an Oscar nomination this year? Spend your time at parties tediously predicting who's going to win what?

Well, you might as well put all your hard-earned knowledge to better use than just bothering your friends with it. Send us your Oscar nominations and if you're right, you get the chance to win an Ipad Mini in our Pick the Oscars® Winners contest.

Think how Oscar night could unfold for you. Every announcement would be filled with excitement, it'd be like going to the track and betting on every race on the card that night. Might help you get through the boring speeches and stupid stunts along the way.

In any event, even if you don't win, you'll be signed up for our film newsletter which gets you a line on all our film reviews -- and we review everything -- as well as chances throughout the year to win movie tickets and DVDs.

To enter, check out our contest and enter by Wednesday, January 23. Winners will be notified January 25.

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