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Pictureless Pins Is Pinterest for the Gal on the Go (Or Dudes That Could Care Less)

I first learned about Pinterest over last Christmas when the girlfriend would spend hours staring at her phone or laptop while we were being all domestical, looking at pretty pictures of puppies, food, babies and house crap. I remember saying, "Meh, it's just Tumblr for chicks," as I clicked on my Tumblr app and looked at memes of puppies, food, babies and naked girls.

I'm not going to lie, the recipes on Pinterest have proven to be profitable for my waistline, and they make grocery shopping fun. Texas Toast has so many possibilities!


I still haven't joined Pinterest, though the Houston Press has its own account. Then I discovered my new favorite Twitter account, Pictureless Pins, and now I can share in the joy of Pinterest without having to look at grainy Instagram pictures of someone else's wedding.

Now I have grown to love Pinterest, if only because of the way Pictureless Pins boils and bleaches the bones down to something I can enjoy. It's almost Dada Plus, I get way too many jollies from a simple update like "Popular actor Zac Efron without his shirt." It's not like I don't want to see Zac Efron shirtless, I just like the idea that that is what women are looking at on Pinterest. I can use my imagination now. Maybe he's got his lips pursed, or maybe he's sitting inside an old pickup truck waiting for me to sit next to him.

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Craig Hlavaty
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