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Ping-Pong, Whiskey and Sparklers: A Night at the Joanna

When Art Attack showed up at the Joanna Gallery to talk with masterminds Brian Rod and Cody Ledvina about their upcoming Gala, the duo had just finished brainstorming over a game of ping-pong. They have three days to get the space transformed into a deluxe party of all things art (and all things party). The Joanna is known for using their art openings as a way to bring everybody together and have fun. Over the past three years, they have established their own growing community of people who not only appreciate art, but also just appreciate the hell out of hanging out with each other. If you've never been to one before, now's a great time to start. The Joanna Sexy Godz Gala will be going on from 8pm to midnight, this Saturday at 1401 Branard. No tickets, no RSVP necessary, just bring a good attitude, and be ready to get in on some mischievous auctions, raffles and bribes. Free shots upon entry (or so we hear).

Art Attack: So what is going on?

Cody Ledvina: The Joanna Gala.

Brian Rod: It's the first actual party we've thrown in three years.

CL: Openings are parties.

BR: But they're also openings.

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