Pirates and Steam Punks: Cute Kids at Ren Fest 2012

This past weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival was dedicated to the pirate's life, with tons of swashbucklers of all sizes and ages making the trip in to the woods near Plantersville to show off their costumes. It was a hot one this weekend, too, but that didn't dampen the moods. If anything, it just meant beverage sales were up.

Of course, pirate weekend is also one of the more kid-friendly editions of the Ren Fest season, no offense to baby barbarians and the boozy children during Oktoberfest.

Earlier this year, the festival even offered a $1,000 savings bond and lifetime passes to any parents who would name their child Texas Renaissance. Not sure if anyone took them up on that offer yet.

Here are some shots of the coolest kids I saw at Ren Fest this past weekend. Thanks to all the parents who let us snap their pics as well.

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