Planet of the Apps: The Best and Worst Movie Apps

Art Attack is very excited about the upcoming Rise of the Planet of the Apes movie hitting theaters next month. To gear up for it, we downloaded the brand new app, Apes Will Rise. It's a clever publicity piece that lets you take memory tests designed by scientists for the apes to assess intelligence. Not having seen the movie, we can guess these tests are somehow related to the plot and within the app, you can learn about the history of the ape assessment tests.

We love movies and we love apps, but some of the movie apps that have been developed are just a waste of time. To alleviate any stress that you might have over what movie apps to spend your hard earned 99 cents on, Art Attack dug around to rate some of the best and worst movie related apps out there.

Pirates Photo Booth The description asks, "Do you ever wish you were Jack Sparrow or on his crew?" Probably not. For 99 cents, you and yours can place your face inside Jack Sparrow's hair and then set it as your own wallpaper or email it out to friends. It would probably be a lot more fun to rock an eye patch for a day.

Art Attack Rating: Save your money for the dollar menu.

Super 8 Based on the recent J.J. Abrams movie, this app can turn your iPhone into a grainy, old-school 8mm camera. We love this app! It really turns your videos into scratchy, vintage-looking film stock. It allows you to add various filters and lenses, arrange your clips into your own home movies, and there is a projector feature that makes you feel like you are back in your grandma's basement. AA Rating: Worth the dig into your crumb-filled couch cushions. Anchorman Team 4 If you enjoy spending your time walking around saying things like "For just one night, let's not be Co-workers. Let's be Co-people," then you probably need the Anchorman app. Team 4 is an update to the original Anchorman app that allowed you to fire off Ron Burgundy quotes at will. Now, you can view clips, link to IMDB and have brilliant sentences such as "I'm very important. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany," come out of your phone every time your mom calls.

AA Rating: Take the $1 you were going to give to that homeless person and use it on this app. Transformers 3: Defend the Earth The problem with movie promotional apps that have no substance is once the promotion is over, you're stuck with this dumb app. The idea of this app is to find a T3 poster, point your phone at it and it will come to life, giving you the opportunity to fight Optimus Prime and save the world! They "say" that if you can't find a movie theater poster, you can view it on your computer. I tried, a few times, but all I got was some very dramatic music on repeat.

AA Rating: Save your disc space.

KingsSpeech Is this app specifically based on the movie of the same title? We can't be sure, because we have no idea what the purpose of it is. If one of the main themes of the movie was for a person to function in life speaking in complete and accurate sentences, this was over the head of whoever created this app. The app is described as:

"People need different function by custom or content of study. Have you ever been satisfied with other apps? Use King's Speech."

We think you need it more than the rest of us, buddy.

AA Rating: Happy Hour at Sonic is calling your $1 Flux Capacitor If you are a "Back to the Future" fan, this enjoyable albeit pointless app is a must have. It basically turns your phone into the Flux Capacitor (the thing that makes time travel possible!) and allows you to use it as an alarm clock, produces very realistic DeLorean sounds and when you shake it, oh no, it changes its setting to 1885! AA Rating: Why not! What else we're you going to spend that dollar on anyway?

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