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Planking In Houston: Memorial Day Edition

Art Attack has been planking since November, when it wasn't cool and just called "the lying down game." Now all of a sudden it's the new meme rage and we feel like a forgotten punk band from the '70s, all mad we aren't getting credit.

In honor of one of the laziest holidays known to Americans, Memorial Day, we went around Houston to plank at some of the busiest places going this weekend, from Discovery Green, to Minute Maid Park, where there's a surprise waiting for you in the monument park. When your kids ask you what "laid" means on the drive home, don't blame us.

What? It's clean city water, and it's refreshing to boot. Also, the guy next to us didn't seem to mind; he must plank too.

I'm a bit on the bigger side, so I had to call in a substitute to lay across this rickety, rusty, dirty barbecue pit. Someone had been cooking oranges on it.

Those green bars were very hot. It's a good thing we had an ice pack and some road beers in the car to cool us down.

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Craig Hlavaty
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