Pop Culture and Beyond: The Most Popular Art Attack Posts of 2014

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"What is art?" is one of those questions that can be answered an infinite number of ways, which probably means that the best anything is "anything can be art." That's one of the joys about this blog: it gives us here are the Press room to stretch our wings and write about all manner of subjects.

And so we do. From the stage to the screen (big and small), from street art to fine art, from parenting to marijuana and from nudity to Doctor Who, we touch on a little bit of everything in the pop culture spectrum.

As 2014 winds down, we thought now was a good time to flashback to the year that was and the posts that you enjoyed the most. Thanks for reading and for commenting and for taking a chance on some of our weirder entries.

The Most Popular Non-List Art Attack Posts of 2014:

Reality Bites: Big Tips Texas

I've spent as little time in Lewisville as humanly possible, but even if I'd lived there 30 years I doubt we would have made the trip to "Redneck Heaven," a -- wait for it -- "breastaurant" where the ladies of Big Tips Texas work. The ladies are characterized as "veterans" like Sabrina and Claire or "new girls" like Kristyn and Morgan. Length of service being the only apparent means of differentiation, as most sport identical fake tans, unfortunate weaves, and poor eyeliner choices.

Being Horny at the Texas Renaissance Festival

It's not exactly catcalling, though that's still a problem with some of the people who work Ren Fest. My wife and I saw one girl in a skintight green leotard continuously yelled at with a variety of sexual innuendos. I mean, really "clever" bits like "I bet your first name is Daaammmnnn!" It's eye-rolling, but also a little creepy. I watched that girl laugh at the call, but she also changed from the direction she was walking and headed off in another. Wolf whistles followed her.

Cannabis, Texas: How Close Are We to Legalization in the Lone Star State?

We all know where Colorado and Washington are on the marijuana reform scale; they're all for legal pot, and it certainly seems to be popular in their respective states. And when you dig through the all of media hype over the success in Colorado, there are signs of political movement toward in other states as well.

But that begs the question; where Texas is at in all of this legalization hubbub? Are we any closer to a rational policy on cannabis use, or will we drag our conservative feet until the other 49 states have come around?

The Changing Face of Houston - The Montrose Then and Now

The Montrose in particular has gone through some major changes, and is continuing to transform into a neighborhood very unlike the one I knew as a teenager in the late '80s. Rather than make a judgment as to whether or not those changes are "good" or "bad," I'm more interested in looking at what's happening and why.

Note: For what it's worth, the use of "The Montrose" in the headline may have been the most controversial thing related to our blog this year. Some of you really hate "the."

Doctor Who: "Into the Dalek" Is Just Terrible

I don't think a single episode of Doctor Who has ever been quite as terrible as "Into the Dalek" was. Maybe "Love and Monsters," but not in the same way.

The 10 Most Popular Art Attack Lists of 2014 (in no particular order):

The Best Hidden Places in Texas for Road-Trippin'

Everyone needs to get out of the house and out of the city from time to time. Texas is beautiful, y'all.

10 TV Shows to Binge Watch This Summer

Come to find out people really need things to watch once the spring TV season comes to a close. Glad we could help.

Rest of the Best: The Top 10 Nude Scenes From Houston Actresses (NSFW) Really NSFW & The Top 10 XXX Places to Party in Houston

These are things that exist that you clicked on. We're not judging. We hope you had fun.

The 10 Worst Pickup Lines of All Time

We hope none of you ever actually tried these lines out.

The 5 Most Sinister Mansions in the Houston Area

There's a strange attraction to creepy houses. Some of them you can even own.

The 10 Worst Places to Be Caught in Houston

"Hell on Earth" is a bit hyperbolic, but not entirely inaccurate.

Doctor Who: 5 Reasons the Tenth Doctor Wasn't All That Great

We post about The Doctor a lot, but the suggestion that Ten might not be capital-G great really struck a nerve with some folks.

Six Quirky Locations to Take a Date in Houston & 10 Best Places to Take a Date for Free in Houston

It's always nice to see so many folks interested in making memories and moments with the ones they love. Good on you, Houston. Good on you.

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