Pop Rocks: Breaking Down The Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Trailer...with Animated Gifs

The final installment in the nigh-interminable Twilight movie franchise doesn't come out until November, but that doesn't mean Summit Entertainment is about to sit on its thumbs while rival The Hunger Games rakes in $155 million its first weekend.

The decision to drop the first teaser for Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 this particular weekend was no coincidence. Though if they really wanted to "scoreboard" Katniss and company, the entire video could have consisted of nothing other than the words "$705 million worldwide gross, bitchez!11!!"

But that would be childish.

Because we here at the Press are, above all, mature professionals, our immediate reaction to the 49-second trailer was to hunker down and conduct a sober and incisive analysis.

Using animated .gifs.

0:04 - There's that "All Ages" green screen. Hey, there's a chance this won't completely suck, right?

No, I'm serious. Don't you get the feeling there might be something amazing on the horizon?

Yeah, the Hoff probably too much to ask for. Let's keep watching.

0:18 - "After 18 years of being ordinary, I finally found that I could shine." You go, girl!

And hat tip to myself for slyly referencing Kristen Stewart's next movie.

0:23 - "I didn't expect you to seem so...human." Oh, that Jacob. He'll be offering her a backrub next.

0:32 - "We're the same temperature now." Jeez, two-thirds of the way through and we haven't even seen the main character's face yet. You know what this teaser needs? Some midget karate.


0:43 - Man, that deer is toast. What do you think of that, Ted Nugent?

And that does it. Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 opens November 16. One thing we can say for sure about this franchise...this will be the last movie. And I think we can all share this gentleman's reaction to that news:

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