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Pop Rocks: Bruce Campbell Might Be the Coolest Dude Ever, the Twitter Proof

I did not come to know actor Bruce Campbell until I started watching the show Burn Notice, the popular USA Network Miami Vice-meets-The A-Team spy show that ended its seven-year run in 2013. Cambell played Sam Axe, a former FBI agent and Navy Seal who loves beer, the ladies and kicking ass.

It wasn't until a friend introduced me to his zombie-killing role as Ash in the cult classic The Evil Dead films that I realized he also is a living horror film legend. He is in high demand at horror and sci-fi conventions and has now revealed that he will write and star in a television version of the classic horror film series where he solidified his cult hero status. Director Sam Rami, who has cast Campbell in numerous roles including The Evil Dead is also on board.

But if you think that's cool (or even if you don't), consider his Twitter feed where he routinely and hilariously responds to questions from all comers, as well as retweets posts from fans, particularly the ones who claim to have named children after him or his characters, those who have tattoos of his face and war vets, a particular interest.

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