Pop Rocks: Desperate to Escape Glee, Cory Monteith Flees to Rehab

In what can only be viewed as the triumphant endgame to four years of meticulous, Shawshank-like preparation, Cory "Finn" Monteith has "sought treatment" at an undisclosed rehabilitation center:

Monteith, who plays Finn on the popular Fox television series, "asks for your respect and privacy as he takes the necessary steps towards recovery," the publicist's statement said. The statement said Monteith's decision to seek treatment at the facility was voluntary. It offered no details on the nature of the addiction other than that it was a "substance addiction."

His publicist's comments were reportedly in response to increasingly contentious phone calls from Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy, who was overheard bellowing he'd hire that "latest Idol reject" to replace Monteith.

Murphy, consistently measured and thoughtful in response to adversity, then sounded a more truculent note, muttering that a 30-year-old making a career out of playing a teenager was nothing to be ashamed of.

Co-star and real-life girlfriend Lea Michele issued a statement saying, "I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this." Michele was then quoted as saying, "And if this means I must shoulder the burden by assuming more screen time and performing more musical numbers, at least until that sequel to New Year's Eve gets out of development hell."

Meanwhile, Moneteith's co-stars -- apparently under the impression this was something other than a well-thought-out strategy to get off the show -- have also expressed their support for the actor:

Harry Shum Jr. tweeted that he was "supporting Cory for his courageous decision. Get well soon, my friend! Proud of you." Echoed Kevin McHale, "Love you, Cory. So proud of you."

McHale, who plays Artie Abrams, also wanted to remind "all the ladies" that he's not actually wheelchair-bound like his character, and that everything below the waist works "100 percent. I'm large and in charge."

Without naming names, Chris Colfer tweeted, "Anyone who helps themselves is a hero in my book."

Colfer then went on to describe the story lines his character Kurt Hummel will experience in coming episodes. These will reportedly revolve around his continued brave gayness.

Monteith has been noncommunicative since he entered the facility, while sources close to this writer are quoted as saying, "It's weird. The guy is free to leave any time he wants, but he just keeps to his room, taking lots of naps and working on a script." Another source added, "He's one of the happiest patients we've ever had."

The actor has been vague about his plans to leave rehab, hinting it may be a few months. Coincidentally, news on whether Glee will return for a fifth season is scheduled for sometime in May.

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