Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks: Five Superheroes That Will Never Get Their Own Movie

We're well into summer blockbuster season, and even if you couldn't tell by the sweltering temperatures outside, you'd only need to look at the number of superhero movies - both in theaters and about to be released - to realize it.

Thor started us off in May, and X-Men: First Class came out just a few weeks ago. Both have done well at the box office, and also surprisingly well among critics. Time will tell if Captain America (July) or Green Lantern, in theaters tomorrow, can win people over as well (though advance word is...not promising).

Marvel and DC, the biggest players on the comic book block, haven't had to dig too deep for superhero subjects. Yet. True, X-Men: The Last Stand trotted out the likes of Jubilee and Leech (Marrow must have been at the dermatologist) but the core mutants remained pretty bad ass. That said, the release of Green Lantern and the desperation felt by studios to continue churning out deafening, pyrotechnic-driven films further proves we're perilously close to a New Mutants movie.

There are still some big(-ish) names in the Marvel/DC pantheon, however. Sadly, some of them are never going to make it to the big screen.

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