Pop Rocks: Here's Hoping That Anchorman Two Doesn't Suck

How it came to be that the Anchorman 2 movie would become the most anticipated flick of the year is beyond even my comprehension, but it is, so it better be awesome.

For fans of the first Anchorman, word that the 1970s San Diego nightly news team would reunite, which, by the way, was first rumored all the way back in 2008, was like chocolate pudding pops on a hot day. Now a decade since the original release, the excitement keeps mounting over cameo appearances, return characters and just this week a new amazing trailer!

The sequel follows the Channel 2 news team to New York City where they try and reclaim their place as the best news team anywhere and in the process hilarity ensues. Hopefully.

I know, I know, why can't I just be happy that one of the funniest movies of all time is coming back to make our lives a little less miserable? I am very excited about Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, but I am also being cautious. It wouldn't be the first sequel to a brilliant comedy to, how can I put it nicely, totally blow

I hate being a Debbie Downer (maybe I kinda like it), but let's take a look at five other comedy sequels that turned out to be poop.

The Hangover 2

What the hell happened here? The first


movie teetered on masterpiece level, introducing the world to the awkward comedy stylings of Zach Galifianakis, proving that Bradley Cooper had depth and reaffirming it was OK to love Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight" by showing us that even Mike Tyson knew the drum solo. And then the second movie... just sucked.

Legally Blonde 2

Did you even know there was a

Legally Blonde 2

? This is information not worth knowing. The original

Legally Blonde

, while childish and inane, has a lot of shining moments, and Reece Witherspoon is at her best. It's one of those movies that if on television, it is a challenge to turn off. But the second movie is not even silly enough to be worthy of basic cable viewing. It's got none of the charm of the first, and at some points it's even insulting. Didn't she prove herself the first time around?

Weekend at Bernie's Two

Bernie is dead. Let's all get that straight. At some point, science tells us that the human body decays, falls apart and smells. How we made it through the first weekend with a rotting corpse is called "suspension of disbelief;" how we get through a second weekend is called moronic.

Major League II

Call me crazy, but I love the first

Major League

film. It's nothing to write a dissertation about, but it's certainly got some very high moments. Wild thing! This is a film that you might think would work the second time around; it's a baseball comedy. But something went horribly, horribly wrong in the writer's room, it might have been the casting of Omar Epps in the place of Wesley Snipes or it just might have been the whole entire script.

Big Top Pee-wee

Take an iconic character in American culture and throw him in the biggest pile of dung you can find and this is second installment of the Pee-wee Herman movie. Oh God, just thinking about it make me want to burn my brain. Obviously, the lack of director Tim Burton and his uncanny knack for creating bizarre yet endearing films is one of the reasons that this film is such a mess or maybe it has more to do with Pee-wee's pet pig. I don't know; it's just bad.

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