Pop Rocks: How Will Breaking Bad End?

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This Sunday marks the beginning of the end... of the outrageously popular AMC drama Breaking Bad, that is. On August 11, the final eight episodes of the show's fifth season will premiere and what will happen is anybody's guess. The show's creator Vince Gilligan is a mastermind at creating twists and turns that you would never see coming; the show has never failed to be shocking, which is what makes it so darn good. But what will happen in these final eight hours of television?

Before I make wild speculations about what will happen, let's recap what went down when we last met up with Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and the people who play integral roles in his disastrous existence.

When Season Five opened, Walt was on the move, sitting in a run-down diner in the middle of nowhere, celebrating his 52nd birthday. It was a very different scene from the previous year's birthday spent with friends and family. Plus, even more of a shock, is that Walt had a full head of hair, oh and a huge M60 in his trunk. But after that brief moment, we went back in time or rather to the current time of the show.

After the death murder of Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito), Walt and Jesse (Aaron Paul) are free to make whatever meth they want whenever they want. After a series of mishaps (the need to wipe out Gus' computer of any incriminating information - "magnets bitches!"), the guys set up shop by using a pest control company's moving site. It's quite brilliant. But things, naturally, fall apart. Their methylamine supply is upset, so they have to go and hijack a train, in one of the least believable episodes of the season. But just when it looked like things were back on track, a little kid pops out of nowhere and Walt and Jesse's new employee shoots him. And that's just too much for Jesse, who has found a conscience in the past few years. He wants out.

Things go up and down, but the last episode of the season almost ended on a positive note, Walt and his estranged family are seemingly back on track, he has quit the meth business and he paid off Jesse rather than blowing him up. But then, Hank (Dean Norris), Walt's DEA agent/brother-in-law, gets a clue and the audience knows that he knows all. And that's where we ended off.

So now what? As I see it, there are five possible endings to the show.

5. Jesse Kills Walt The relationship between Jesse and Walt is one of the best written in the history of television. What started off as a bizarre teacher/student relationship, morphed into a father/son, boss/employee and then full-blown enemies. Walt has done some horrible things to Jesse (watching his girlfriend choke to death, poisoning his other girlfriend's kid), but Jesse isn't aware of these things. What Jesse does know is that Walt has turned to the dark side and he has become a megalomaniac who is unstoppable and with little remorse. Walt has also saved Jesse's life several times as Jesse has done for him. Jesse killing Walt, either because he finds out more of the hidden truths or just because he knows the guy is crazy, would be somewhat satisfying, although a bit obvious. It would be very upsetting if it was the other way around, however.

4. Hank Has Walt On the Run, Arrests Him Hank has been trying to find his Heisenberg and the blue meth maker for the duration of the show. It would be fitting, then, that in the end he gets his man. Let's also not forget that it was kind of Walt's fault that Hank was temporarily paralyzed and forced to get into rock collecting ("they are not rocks, they're minerals!"). Since we already know that Walt is on the run from somebody, assuming that it's Hank and the DEA is not a far stretch. But sending "the king" to jail might feel very disappointing.

3. Walt's Cancer Returns; Kills Him From the beginning of this show, I always thought that it would be the cancer that got him in the end. It's been this looming threat always hiding in the shadows. It would be quite apropos if the disease that started this whole debacle is the very thing to get him in the end.

2. Skyler Kills Walt My parents aside, I have never seen so much hatred between a married couple. It's like a sheet of ice in that house. At the end of mid-season, it felt like Walt and Skyler (Anna Gunn) were getting their lives back to normal but once the fit hits the shan with Hank and the DEA, she might run for the hills or pull a fast one on him. Although, I have a hard time seeing this as the ending given what we know about Walt being on the run. But, she was pretty furious with the danger he put the family in, and she's been known to snap like a crazy woman on the verge (remember the pool scene, yeah).

1. Walt Spends His Life on the Run Maybe Walt never gets caught and he gets out of Dodge and that's just it. It would be a very lonely and depressing end to him, always having to keep one eye to his back, but he's got millions of dollars; why not live life on the lamb? If I were him, I'd take my bucks and head to Belize and buy an island or something and eat tropical fruit all day. Or maybe he lives in paradise for a few years and then one day he's sipping on a coconut filled with rum and Jesse walks up to him and shoots him right in the face and says, "Who's the king now, bitch?" and then finishes his drink. I see this happening.

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