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Pop Rocks: Let's Celebrate Sofia Vergara's Singleness with a Video Retrospective

In case you hadn't heard, the busty Modern Family star is back on the market:

Sofia Vergara is single again after splitting with boyfriend Nick Loeb after more than two years together, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

The Colombian stunner and New York-based Loeb broke up over the weekend following a series of arguments, sources tell us. And, on Monday, she attended the Met Ball alone.

A source told us, "Sofia was confiding in friends at the ball that she and Nick have split. They have been fighting a lot recently and have been on the brink of splitting many times. It is not yet clear if they are over for good, but they are done as a couple for now."

I don't know if you've seen pictures of Loeb, but this is the least surprising news since I found out Paula Deen had diabetes. But enough cruelty; Sofia's available once again, and if you needed a reminder of why she'll be considered one of the most eligible women out there, here you go.

Because if we're being honest, sweatily hunching in front of your compuer monitor is as close as you're going to get.

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