Pop Rocks: Long Live TV! 5 Shows to Look Forward to in 2014

Last week saw two major cable dramas, Sons of Anarchy and Homeland, close another season. While I don't have amazing things to say about either season, aside from the insane finales of both shows, I am still sad to have nothing new to watch. I don't know what's more depressing: the fact that I am upset about the seasonal conclusion of two television shows or the fact that I care that much about television. Am I the only one who has nothing else to do but sit on the couch and watch too much TV?

Hell no! Before you too get your panties in a bunch over the lack of new episodes coming out, take pleasure in knowing that 2014 is right around the corner, and that means all new seasons of more of your favorite shows. So put the book down that you were about to start reading -- no need to waste your time on literature -- there is plenty coming up on the idiot box to take your attention away from real life.

Here are the top five shows I am looking forward to coming back in the next two months.

Community - January 2

Despite last season of


being one disjointed episode after another, Season 5 brings back the show's creator Dan Harmon, who was given the boot last season. I am cautiously optimistic to see if Harmon can bring the show back to its brilliant level of absurdity while being supported by an impeccably structured plot. In addition to Harmon's triumphant return, the show has also lost two cast members. Chevy Chase made his exit last season, and Donald Glover announced over the summer that he would also be slyly slipping out in favor of alternative pursuits. Regardless if the show returns to its original form, there is no way its can be worse than it was last year.

Justified - January 7

Over the past four seasons,


has become one of my favorite shows on television. It's smartly written with sharp dialogue, original characters and a plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat without being confusing at all. Plus, Timothy Olyphant as Raylan Givens is the perfect Western hero; a man on the right side of the law with a checkered past and his rival Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) is the smartest antagonist to grace the small screen.

Girls - January 12

I have many mixed feelings about HBO's


, but I'll be damned if I won't watch the upcoming season. This is the best show on television to love to hate. When we left the ladies, emotionally stunted Hannah (Lena Dunham) and her gaggle of gal-pals were basically in shambles, despite having their boys back. I am sure that regardless of male companions, these chicks will spend the entirety of Season 3 annoying each other and their viewers into submission.

House of Cards - February 14

Oh the tangled web that was created by Congressman Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) and his cold and unreadable wife Claire (Robin Wright) last season. We have been following Underwood into a thick, Southern pudding of corruption, lies and even murder, and damn does it make for good television! The best part of the show: Netflix releases all the episodes in one big stint and so you can spend 13 hours straight mainlining the drama.

The Americans - February


The Americans,

a show about two Soviet spies forced into family life during the 1980s, turned out to be one of the best new shows of the year according to multiple "Best Of" lists and also according to me. If you haven't seen the first season, there is plenty of time to catch up before the Season 2 launch, which, thus far, FX has only given as "returning in February" (Hey, FX, some of us have things to do during that month like celebrate President's Day; can you give us a date already?). Last year ended with Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rhys) barely escaping death, giving up their true "American" colors and possibly tipping off their secret to both their daughter and their FBI neighbor; next season is going to be awesome.

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