Pop Rocks: Ten Celebrities We Wish Would Take Nude Pics of Themselves

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Scarlett Johansson. Olivia Munn. Christina Hendricks. Heather Morris:

The Glee star is apparently the latest celeb to fall victim to hackers after a series of racy photos purportedly of the actress (or someone bearing a remarkable resemblance) leaked online yesterday.
The images include a series of salacious cell phone self-portraits, in a variety of poses. Some photos feature her parading around in two-piece athletic gear. Others show her modeling a variety of outfits, including a skimpy "I'm a Slave 4 U" bikini similar to what Morris wore in Glee's famous Britney Spears episode.

Still others feature the woman completely clothes-less, striking a series of seductive poses.

E! News has reached out to Morris' reps, who have yet to comment.

No shit. What is there to say, really? "Don't take naked photos of yourself...but if you do, use a Polaroid?" Leaked celebrity nudes have been around since a tipsy Mary Todd Lincoln got hold of a daguerreotype, or almost that long, so it's obvious cautionary language has little effect.

Besides, we're overlooking the bigger issue here: When are the people whose goodies we *want* to see going to show a little indiscretion?

Sofia Vergara The Modern Family star is the second most pulchritudinous celeb out there after Ms. Hendricks, and I've always preferred brunettes anyway.

Jon Hamm Who was "Sexiest Man Alive" last year? How about the year before that? If the answer is anything but "Jon Hamm," People Magazine's whole scientific selection process has been rendered irrelevant.

[Oh right, it was Bradley Cooper. Must have been his tour-de-force performance in The A-Team.]

Erika Christensen Maybe this is just me, but the perpetually tight sweater-clad Christensen is -- literally -- the only reason to watch Parenthood.

Kari Byron Right, because you watched MythBusters for the "science."

Idris Elba Chicks dug Stringer, right? More than the womanizing drunk McNulty or Avon, who never visualized the big picture, right? Whatever. You should check him out in Luther.

Stephanie "Flo" Courtney Don't you judge me.

Alison Brie Before she was America's Darling on Community (at least, the 1 percent of America's TV-viewing population that watches it), she was Mrs. Pete Campbell on Mad Men. Either way, time to give the people what they so desperately want.

Beyoncé Yeah, chalk the chances of this up to "never," as I have a feeling she and Jay-Z can probably afford their own cell phone network. You'd be better off holding out for Kelly Rowland.

Rob James-Collier I had to look up "the hot guy from Downton Abbey" because I imagine fans wouldn't mind seeing him free of his tie and tails.

Katy Perry Reddi-wip brassieres aside, this probably isn't happening. But chin up, she's -- at best -- about a 3.4 temblor away from a massive wardrobe malfunction anyway.

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