Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks: What Did We Think of the Man of Steel Trailer?

The Dark Knight Rises has already been in theaters a whole weekend, so what better time to look at the next big DC Comics property to hit theaters: Superman. Specifically, next year's Man of Steel.

Perhaps I should have said "only other big DC Comics property." After Supes and Batman, the recognizability factor drops precipitously. You probably won't be seeing another Green Lantern movie anytime soon, after last year's Ryan Reynolds fiasco. Wonder Woman is always a possibility, but they've been trying to get a feature film off the ground for over a decade and chances weren't improved by last year's failed TV pilot. Green Arrow? They were promoting a CW TV pilot at this year's Comic-Con (yeah, ask the network how their Aquaman pilot went), but a rumored feature film is in development hell.

So a mere seven years after the disappointing Superman Returns (that word gets attached a lot to not Batman-related DC Comics film adaptations), the last son of Krypton gets another go. The teaser for Man of Steel dropped last weekend and naturally invited a great deal of commentary. Some serious, some...less so.

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