Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks: What's in a Name, Chris Brown?

Much virtual ink has been spilled while discussing the latest news about R&B singer Chris Brown, who as you may recall pleaded guilty to felony assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009. Many feel Brown has been less than contrite about his crimes, and incidents like losing his shit following a Good Morning America interview and Tweeting "HATE ALL U WANT BECUZ I GOT A GRAMMY Now! That's the ultimate FUCK OFF!" have demonstrated the guy has learned little from either his punishment (five years probation, six months community service) or the widespread public backlash (a handful of idiots on Twitter nothwithstanding).

What, if anything, have we learned from this sordid business? Well, speaking only for myself, I discovered I will never let any of my daughters date anyone with the surname "Brown."

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