Pop Rocks: Where the Ladies of Twin Peaks Are Today

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David Lynch's twisted noir crime drama set in the Pacific Northwest will return to television on the 25th anniversary of the series finale with a special batch of episodes on Showtime in 2016. Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost will helm the new show which will update the series a quarter century later with a return to the creepy forest town.

The show, which released a gold box DVD set in 2007, continues to be extremely popular amongst Gen Xers who saw the original series on ABC when it aired in the early '90s, and with a return to pay cable, it would seem the show could be weirder than ever.

But what of the ladies of Twin Peaks, all of whom were more mysterious than their Breastraunt counterparts of today, and most of whom were more attractive. No word yet on who will return to reprise roles, but we'll run down the list and see where the actors are now.

Character: Shelly Johnson Character Status: Stuck married to pyscho Leo who limped off into the woods after she stabbed him, but wanting to marry Bobby. Actress: Madchen Amick Actress Status: With a recent full-time role on a Lifetime show about a family of witches and a recurring role on A&E cowboy cop drama Longmire, Amick has managed to continue working despite the lack of a real star turn following her role as Johnson. She could certainly play an important part of locking up some story lines back at the Double R Diner, where we hope she isn't still working.

Character: Donna Hayward Character Status: Left wondering if Doc Hayward is her real father and boyfriend James long gone. Actress: Lara Flynn Boyle Actress Status: Despite a number of promising roles after leaving Twin Peaks, Boyle never quite found her footing. She has recently been in a string of forgettable or direct-to-video movies and doesn't appear to have much else going on, but she did not play the role of Hayward in the film prequel. Those duties were handled by Moira Kelly.

Character: Audrey Horne Character Status: Blown up after chaining herself to the bank's doors, but long thought to have survived the blast. Actress: Sherilyn Fenn Actress Status: The lovely Fenn had a series of unforgettable film roles before managing to carve out a television career first in a recurring role on Gilmore Girls and more recently as Hank Azaria's swinger wife on the fantastic Showtime series Ray Donovan. Given her ties to Showtime and her relative availability, a return for Audrey seems likely, which would give us all a chance to find out what happened to her.

Character: Norma Jennings Character Status:Still running the Double R Diner, though she severed ties with her mother, a food critic who tried to destroy her reputation. Still married to convict who is back in jail and in love with Big Ed, who is still married himself. Actress: Peggy Lipton Actress Status: Lipton had a prolific career in the '60s and '70s and a resurgence with Twin Peaks, but only a string of minor roles since saving 1997's The Postman.

Character: Josie Packard Character Status: Scared to death by BOB. Actress: Joan Chen Actress Status: Chen has always managed to carve out bit roles and parts for herself, but she won't be returning to the old mill given her untimely demise.

Character: Lucy Moran Character Status: Pregnant and in a relationship with Andy who might be the father. Still working at the sheriff's office. Actress: Kimmy Robertson Actress Status: Robertson has a distinctive high pitched voice that has led to voice work including a long-running radio series (they still have those?), in addition to a handful of roles in film and television. Character: Catherine Martell Character Status: After pretending to be a Japanese businessman, she ruined Ben Horne's business and appears positioned to be the town mogul. Actress: Piper Laurie Actress Status: The Academy Award nominated actress won a Golden Globe for her work on Twin Peaks and was nominated for an Emmy twice. Her character was one of the toughest and most conniving on the show. She has performed in limited amounts over the last decade.

Character: Nadine Hurley Character Status: Brought to her senses by a blow to the head, she may have decided to stop Big Ed from marrying Norma now that she no longer thinks she is a teenager. Actress: Wendy Robie Actress Status: Hasn't played one of her typically disturbed characters since 2008, she still works on the stage.

Character: Annie Blackburn Character Status: After wandering off into the woods with Agent Cooper, she was apparently hospitalized as the series concluded. Actress: Heather Graham Actress Status: Graham has strung together countless roles in film and television since she burst onto the scene in Twin Peaks and surprised everyone as Roller Girl in Boogie Nights. In addition to a recurring role on Californication, she has several films in production.

Character: Laura Palmer Character Status: Dead since day one. Actress: Sheryl Lee Actress Status: Lee has performed a wide and varied number of roles over the years, but she still seems most tied to Palmer, despite the fact her character spent most of her time speechless and wrapped in plastic.

Character: Margaret Lanterman, a.k.a Log Lady Character Status: Still interpreting messages from her log. Actress: Catherine Coulson Actress Status: Living near the fictional town of Twin Peaks, Coulson works as a stage actor in Oregon and has even appeared on Portlandia.

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