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Pop Rocks: Why Is Everyone Hating On Justin Bieber?

I was watching an episode of Chelsea Lately the other night, not something I do regularly, and Chelsea and her cohorts were doing their usual celebrity slamming and began a coordinated dump on Justin Bieber. This usually doesn't bother me as I am all for crapping on deserving celebrities. Sometimes I find this behavior repulsive (top 10 ugliest celebrity lists are totally unnecessary), but overall the nasty responses from the public are usual warranted. But something about this Bieber slam got to me: Why is everyone being so mean to the Bieb? What did he do that was really that bad?

If you've been following along with Justin Bieber's life, and God help you if you have/I feel your pain, you have seen a once larger-than-life star fall from heaven in the eyes of the media for little to no reason. Well, let me tell you the reasons and then you decide.

7. He's been photographed a lot without a shirt

What is wrong with this? If I looked like Justin Bieber, I too would never wear a shirt and I am a girl. Why would people like Olivia Wilde, among others, feel the need to comment on this? Don't you have anything better going on in your career than getting your panties in a bunch over Bieber's clothing choices? Do you think that when your marriage to Jason Sudeikis crumbles, Oliva Wilde, Justin Bieber will give a what? He will not even know.

6. He showed up two hours late to his own concert This is definitely not cool. I have no idea how much a Justin Bieber concert ticket goes for but I would guess it's similar to two weeks worth of food at Kroger or three weeks at Fiesta. Would any of us be pissed if we waited around for Bieber to perform? Of course! But probably the outrage was more due to the fact that his concert-goers had more time to assess how bad their lives were and lament over the fact that they bought $40 T-shirts and were sober because they were 12 years old.

I once waited two hours once at House of Blues for a Black Star concert because Talib Kweli got "lost" coming from Dallas AKA got big-haired hookers that took too long to get dressed. Was I annoyed? Did I Tweet angry messages at him? Of course. Do I still complain about it to this day? Yes. But did I survive unscathed? What I am saying is, life goes on. But for Bieber, this tardiness was a thing of utter outrage. Even Jon Bon Jovi was pissed and he wasn't even at the concert.

5. Bieber wears a gas mask to hide from the paparazzi Wouldn't you try and hide if half of London's pre-teen population and JBJ had it out for you?

4. Bieber writes some dumb shit at Anne Frank museum At first, I too was offended that Biebs thought it was cool to write in the Anne Frank museum guest book, "Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber." OK, this is a bit on the self-involved side, but give it some further thought. Don't you also wish that she would have been a "belieber" because that would have meant she wasn't murdered by Nazis.

3. Justin Bieber's monkey, Mally, was confiscated at a Munich airport

As the story goes, Beiber didn't have the proper immunization records for the monkey he owned named Mally and was told that if he didn't produce them by a certain date, his little Mally would be seized by the Germans. And when Justin did nothing, his monkey was taken bye-bye.

This act of monkey-neglect was slammed by the media; how dare he not take better care of his monkey. Listen, we all have buyers remorse! I recently bought a five pound bag of taffy in Galveston and regretted every delicious piece of it. If someone knocked on my door and demanded a receipt for it or else they would confiscate, I would gladly have them rip the bag out of my tightly-gripped hands. I'm going to wind up eating too much, having a stomach ache, waking up the next morning to a pile of empty wrappers, have stabs of guilt and still stomach aching and then throw the rest of the candy away anyway; please save me from myself... I'm sure is what Bieber was thinking.

2. He gets booed at the Billboard Music AwardsJust week ago, Bieber won the first-ever Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Awards. Rather than a riotous applause, he was greeted with boos. Naturally, he was caught off guard and his face is one of shock and sadness, behind his mirrored, over-priced sunglasses. Why would he get booed at an awards show? And further more, assholes, do you know how he received this award? YOU VOTED FOR HIM. The Milestone Award is based on Billboard charts and votes from viewers.

Bieber commented during his speech that it should all be just about his music and none of the "other bull," which was speculated on by every media outfit in the world. What "bull" was he speaking of? Oh, probably the fact that everyone is peeing on his parade because he's acted a little silly in the past few weeks (read number 1-5 of this list)

1. Bieber's neighbors complain that he is a reckless driver Earlier this week, Bieber's neighbors, in the millionaire castle village he lives in, complained that Bieber once again was speeding in their family friendly community. Bieber was allegedly going faster than the 25 mph speed limit in his white Ferrari and it wasn't the first time. So the authorities were called.

All right, let's all collectively agree that if we too had white Ferraris we would never ever go less than 45 miles in any situation. I currently drive a Honda Fit and I'll be damned if I go less than 35 in a school zone (sorry kids). Just build some stupid speed bumps if you care that much about your children.

Look, Justin Bieber is probably a spoiled teenager with way too much money and freedom but is he really all that bad? Is he Amanda Bynes bad? In general he seems like a somewhat stuck up kid with his head up his ass who thinks that the world is in love with him. So he is just like every other teenager in the world.

And, he writes a seriously catchy tune.

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