Prepare for a More Stylish Life! Macy's Launches MBLOG Lifestyles Web site

Have you been getting too much done at work? Perhaps you have been especially responsible with your money lately. Don't fret! Macy's has provided the antidote with their new MBLOG: an insider's guide to fashion, beauty, home and lifestyles trends. Macy's experts will contribute with their favorite picks in each category, in conjunction with partnerships with Fashionista.com and FoodRepublic.com.

The concept of retail Web sites to expand their format to entice readers with expert and/or insider trends and favorites is nothing new (see: Banana Republic blog and GAP-MAG), but this 360-degree view of style is sure to appeal to trend-seekers and compulsive shoppers everywhere.

Monday: Women's Fashion

"Key items and must-have trends, with fun and informative articles geared specifically for women" is Monday's theme at MBLOG. Features will include "In My Humble Opinion" and updates from partner site Fashionista.com. In "In My Humble Opinion," guest bloggers (Macy's execs, celebrity designers) will "offer up their personal takes on style-related topics." Hide your credit card -- Monday is about to get expensive.

Tuesday: Men's

In addition to fashion and accessories, the men's style section promises to bring a weekly round-up of "gadgets for guys." In the column "The Ugly Truth," guys will get the -- uh -- ugly truth about the clothes they wear.

Question: Do we even want to know what a "gadget for guys" is? Aren't most gadgets unisex, at least in theory? What kind of gadget could possibly be for guys only?

Wednesday: Home

Inspiration from around the house will be featured on Wednesdays at MBLOG. In addition to interior design and style, featured articles will include "Look Who's Cooking" written by a series of celebrity chefs, while "Gifted" will be dedicated to gift ideas. FoodRepublic.com will contribute regularly, with pieces focusing on the culture of food. Look out, Eating Our Words -- MBLOG is comin' for you.

Thursday: Accessories

Was this theme strategically designed to coordinate with Project Accessory? Probably not, but Thursday is "accessory day" nonetheless. MBLOG has dedicated Thursdays to all things accessory-related, with Fashionista.com providing the insight on shoes, handbags, jewelry and styling. Featured article "I Spy" will focus on "real women" who are wearing the latest accessory trends.

Friday: Beauty

Celebrity interviews, product reviews and event updates will round out the Friday Beauty report on MBLOG. We are promised a "front row ticket" to everything we need to know about beauty.

Saturday & Sunday: MISC

Miscellany madness abounds on Saturday and Sunday. Your weekends will be a grab-bag of Internet shopping fun on MBLOG, where you'll just never know what might pop up. Anything could happen -- from fashion and design, to book reviews, to exhibition news to the mysterious "much, much more." "Destinations" will cover -- you guessed it! -- travel, while "All in the Family" will help you out with burning questions about hot topics like pet-training.

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