Preserving Houston in Photo Mashups: Houston Press's Abrahán Garza on PBS W/ VIDEO

Houston Press front desk receptionist Abrahán Garza is also an avid photographer. His mashups of old postcards and photographs with the city of Houston as it is now, have been presented several times on our blogs at houstonpress.com.

He also scored a cover photo for us not too long ago -- and a lot of attention. Today, the local PBS station KUHT, will air an interview they did with Garza at 7 p.m. on Arts InSight with Ernie Manouse.

Garza has traveled all over the city lining up the vintage photos he finds with present day streets and buildings. Sometimes, as the video shows, it means a long arm stretch through some locked gates to get the shots, but he always seems to make it work.

Here's a look at what KUHF came up with.

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