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The Will Rogers Follies Interestingly, John Schneider, who made a name for himself playing a loutish but charming blond redneck on The Dukes of Hazard, is now starring as Will Rogers, who made a name for himself by ironically playing the wise fool and doing rope tricks on the vaudeville stage. Will Rogers is also largely responsible for the popularity of polo in American, but the musical doesn't much address that side of his life. Showing too much of the comedian's off-stage life as a shrewd player of the stock market and hobnobber with the wealthy and powerful would take the sheen off his folksy stage persona. It's the stage persona that comes out in Follies -- that, plus many glamorous show girls. Preview performances tonight and Thursday, 8:30 p.m. (sundown), with shows through July 22. Presented by Theatre Under the Stars at Miller Outdoor Theatre in Hermann Park. Call 520-3290 or 520-3292 for details or information on handicapped seating. Free. Tickets for covered amphitheater seats are available, four per person, beginning at noon each day for that evening's performance.

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Edith Sorenson