Project Runway All-Stars: Broadway Babies

This week on PRAS: The remaining designers mourn Rami's departure, Mondo is determined to redeem himself this week and Broadway actress Sutton Foster is the guest judge.

The designers are summoned to the Circle in the Square Theater for a Godspell-inspired challenge, in which they will be creating a costume for one of the play's "rich bitch" characters. Angela Lindvall is joined by composer Stephen Schwartz to lay out the parameters of the challenge: The winning designer will have their costume featured in Godspell on Broadway, and have their bio printed in the playbill. There is a $200 budget, and the outfit must consist of separates. (The character eventually disrobes on stage; removing separates is a theater requirement.)

The designers all have their idea of what a "rich bitch" looks like, so when they head to Moode, the designers make a beeline for the brocade, lamé and faux fur.

Back in the workroom, Joanna takes one look at Kara Janx's long skirt and faux fur vest and tells the designer she needs to push herself, sending Janx into an emotional tailspin. Each week Kara hopes the judges recognize her "simple, chic aesthetic," but Kara doesn't seem to understand that the judges read her version of "simple" as "under-designed." Last week she made a big, flowy palazzo pant with a big, flowy tank top and a big, flowy jacket; this week it's a long, flowy circle skirt and a strip of faux fur belted with a large, silver bow to resemble a belt. Simple and chic? We'll see, Kara.

Kenley says she *only* makes statement pieces that are perfectly finished and which have "wow factor." "That must be so annoying for the other designers!" she exclaims, and she means it. Kenley is working on emulating Mondo, trying to pair a loud brocade jacket with a whimsical, patterned pencil skirt.

Day Two workroom drama includes a fight between Austin and Jerell over a sewing machine, which Michael had apparently promised both of them they could use next. SCANDALOUS.

Runway Day

It's a shame, but it's true -- PRAS is so boring. The real reason this show is 60 minutes long rather than 90 minutes (like regular PR) is that there is hardly enough interesting content to fill an hour. Bitterly disappointing season, which should have been far more entertaining.

Top Three Michael: Georgina wants more eccentricity; Sutton Foster and Angela like the vibe of the outfit; Isaac compliments Michael's use of chartreuse, a difficult shade to work with.

Mondo: The judges like the outfit but question his choice of footwear (flat sandals). There are some questions about skirt length, but Mondo answered their challenge to marry a luxe look with a vintage vibe.

Austin: The judges like the colors; Isaac questions whether the outfit is too young. Overall the response is warm, though Austin gets cranky when Isaac calls him "Austin Starlet."

Bottom Three Mila: The judges question the taste level of Mila's outfit. The word "prostitute" comes up a few times; a Pretty Woman reference is bandied about.

Kara: The bulky silver bow cinching the faux vest is not popular, and the judges point out that the skirt is poorly cut in the back.

Kenley: The judges think there is a lot going on, but that the coat is perfect. Kenley got the "vintage" part right, but not the "rich" part.


OUT: Kara

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