Project Runway All-Stars: For Gourmands Only

This week on Project Runway: Michael wallows in a lack of self-confidence, even after a win. Hey! There's no immunity -- did we notice that before? Gelato colors and flavors serve as inspiration for this week's challenge, to design something "tasteful." Diane von Furstenberg is the guest judge.

When Diane von Furstenberg comes out onto the runway, Michael practically passes out with excitement. All of the designers are freaking out in ecstasy until Diane tells them they will be competing in the shortest challenge in PR history -- they only have six hours to complete their tasteful look! A mini-Mood is set up in the designer lounge to save the designers time, but they are stuck with what's on hand, which leaves April re-designing and Mondo short on fabric.

Joanna Coles visits the workroom, and re-ups the designers' gelato stash. Apparently "sugar rush" is the approach to steering these designers toward their six-hour goal. Joanna is a successful mentor, and I like that she asks Mondo "how would you accessorize this" about his dress, and that she calls Rami out on his use of a wrap skirt ("Does this mean you're sucking up to Diane von Furstenberg, QUEEN of the wrap dress?"). She's funny and dry, and the best part about PRAS by a mile.

The shortened challenge time is reflected in many of the designs -- April's dress is literally too short, while Kara's is oddly proportioned. Before the designs are sent down the runway, we learn that actress Miranda Kerr is also a guest judge, and she will wear the winning design "to an industry event."

Top Three Mila (Cherry/Vanilla): Isaac thinks her dress says cherry vanilla "so much!" Just just a little -- SO much. Diane von Furstenberg calls it messy -- it is. Overall, it's a hit with the judges.

Michael (Grapefruit): Isaac loves the flowy, satin dress, but not the soft pink color, Diane von Furstenberg calls it "fluid" and tells Michael to call her after the show, prompting him to make this face:

Mondo (Cantaloupe): Diane loves it, the rest of the judges do, too; Isaac wishes there were more "body impact" but...it's a caftan.

Bottom Three Kara (Chocolate/Pepper): Diane von Furstenberg thinks the dress is cute, but unflattering -- wha? Most of the judges think the model looks pregnant, and, as Isaac says, "The minute the word pregnant comes up you know you've missed."

Anthony (Green Tea): The judges like the concept, but the execution leaves something to be desired. The cute, flouncy skirt is a hit but the intricate, green top is called "too conceptual," and the back panels that stick out like stiff wings are not a hit.

April (Blueberry): The judges agree that the design is too ambitious, and Diane von Furstenberg calls it "unfinished" but in a very nice day.

WINNER: Michael, who mugs like crazy for the camera and does that scrunchy fake-cry face that he does.

OUT: April. Her blueberry dress was too short in the back, unfinished and muddled in the front.

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