Project Runway All-Stars: Muppet Madness

This week on PRAS: The designers have one day and $150 to design a flamboyant cocktail dress for "one of the most famous fashionistas in the world." Miss Piggy! Miss Piggy will be live in the judge's chair for the runway show. Michael calls her "fashion's dream client" and means it. Angela Lindvall is starting to seem more relaxed but not all that much more interesting. Isaac Mizrahi is absent, and stylist Eric Daman (Gossip Girl, Sex and the City) will judge in Isaac's place.

All of the designers are genuinely excited to design for Miss Piggy -- even cynical, snarky Kenley -- and it's very cute and charming.

Gordana is making a flowing pink ruffle-bomb that reminds me of my Aunt Ritty's old nightgowns that she would wear when she played cards with her friends. Kara and Mondo go head-to-head over a pair of hot pink opera-length gloves, while April is worried about climbing out of her "bottom two" hole from last week, and Mila snarks about Kenley. Mila is pretty annoying, but I can dig anyone who doesn't like Kenley.

Joanna is back in the workroom and thank God tells Gordana that her dress is looking pretty nightgown-like. Joanna continues, "I don't think comfort, when you're dressing a mega-celebrity like Miss Piggy, needs to be a factor," and she says it with a straight face...and without mentioning that Miss Piggy is a freaking puppet and thus comfortable in everything. Joanna Coles is amazing. During critiques, Joanna and Kenley discuss Kenley's use of a pink giraffe print, but agree that Miss Piggy is a fan of animal prints in general, so Kenley continues on with confidence. Austin calls Miss Piggy a "kindred spirit," citing their love for the French language and Austin's tendency to refer to himself as moi. Rami is concerned that his dress might be too simple, while Austin is starting to feel like he bit off more than he can chew. There is a lot of pressure when you're designing for the most famous Muppet in the world.

Runway Day Everyone did a great job of reflecting their personal aesthetic in this challenge, but how well do these translate into a good look for Miss Piggy? Austin's fitted cocktail dress has tons of hip bows. Mila's dress is sharp, but a little severe for flamboyant Miss Piggy. Kenley's dress is cute, and she included a huge, pink tulle hat -- a hit or a miss?

Top Three

Rami: Georgina says Rami went for it, and that the dress made her smile. Eric calls it fun, and that it's "Parisian hog couture." Miss Piggy calls it garish and outlandish and she loves it.

Michael: The judges love the dress, as does Miss Piggy, who calls it "a present for Kermie." The dress is black and pink, with hints of metallic, and the judges think it's sophisticated but still fun enough for Miss P.

Kenley: The judges like the dress, though they question the construction of the top. Eric thinks it's cute and whimsical. The judges even love the big, pink, tulle hat Kenley made.

Bottom Three

Austin: Georgina thinks the pink and gray palette is too muted, Eric Daman points out that "real women" don't need bows on their hips to exaggerate that particular feature -- earning him a dirty look from Miss Piggy. Miss Piggy doesn't like the bows either, questioning whether she could hula hoop in the dress; Austin points out the bows would keep the hula hoop up, and Miss Piggy concedes the point.

Gordana: Angela thinks the dress is pretty but too understated; Georgina doesn't think the gloves are enough to make it premier-worthy. Miss Piggy says it's pretty, but questions "whether it's for moi."

Mila: The judges question where the flamboyance is, and tell Mila that color (as opposed to black & white) is more editorial. Miss Piggy says it doesn't scream "Miss Piggy," it only whispers it.

Winner: Michael, who asks if Miss Piggy has a date. She shoots him down for Kermit.

Out: Gordana. Let's face it, Gordana is nice and makes pretty clothes, but her aesthetic is -- gasp -- kind of off-the-rack for this cutting-edge competition.

Lifetime has stopped posting photos of the winning and losing looks on its Web site, so we're going to have to start taking screenshots. Look forward to some poor-quality screen grabs next week!

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Christina Uticone