Project Runway All-Stars: Naked Strangers in the Park

This week on Project Runway All-Stars: The designers attack strangers and ask for their clothes in the middle of NYC, Anthony entertains, Mila hates real people and outside.

As the episode opens, the designers head out into "nature" (Central Park) and meet Angela to receive their next assignment. This week is all about "designers and their muse," and they must find someone in the park to inspire their look. Mila is concerned that there won't be much to choose from amongst the unwashed masses in a casual park setting. Apparently Mila never heard of a little show called Sex and the City! There must be a Carrie Bradshaw somewhere in Central Park, right? But wait! Angela says there is an "All-Stars twist"! What could it be? The designers must persuade this unsuspecting muse to give the designer the clothes off their back. Anthony notes that he's "taken daggers" for his outlandish personality but thinks it will work to his advantage in this challenge. Question: Are there people who don't like Anthony?

The designers have a $150 budget which they can use to bribe their victims into giving up their clothes; any leftover money can be used to purchase fabric at Mood. At least half of the finished look must come from the muse's clothing. The designers have two days to finish their look. This week's guest judge is New York Rangers hockey player-turned Vogue intern and "GQ trend-setter" Sean Avery.

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Christina Uticone