Project Runway All-Stars Premier Delayed; Let the Nail-biting Commence

Even though Season 9 of Project Runway is winding down, PR fans have been able to handle the impending anxiety that usually accompanies the show's Fashion Week finale with the promise of two spin-off series: Project Accessory and Project Runway All-Stars. The original plan was for both Accessory and All Stars to premier on November 3, the week after PR season 9 ended. Lifetime recently announced that All-Stars will be pushed to an unknown date in 2012, and Accessory will now premier after the Project Runway season 9 Fashion Week finale on October 27.

You follow?

No reasons behind the scheduling reshuffle have been announced by the network, and the whole thing seems strange to PR watchers. In TV-time this is a very last-minute decision, and begs the question -- why pull (or push) All-Stars? Consider first what effect this could have on Accessory: On one hand, its viewing numbers could be strengthened by the lead-in from the season finale of Project Runway; on the other hand, their premier time-slot -- 10:30 p.m. ET/9:30 p.m. CT -- kind of sucks and could hurt their numbers by airing so late. Sure, DVRs help, but I DVR a lot of stuff I don't end up watching. I think it's a risky move. After the premier episode, Project Accessory will fall into the 9 p.m. ET/8 p.m. CT time slot so hopefully the premier will be juicy enough to keep us coming back.

So with All-Stars off floating on an uncertain horizon, let's take a quick peek at the Project Accessory crew -- who will be making it work in belts and baubles this season?

The accessory competition will feature 12 contestants who will "compete and showcase their unique vision for accessories and show audiences how to transform any outfit." Hosted by actress/model Molly Simms, the judges are designer Kenneth Cole and InStyle Editor Ariel Foxman; guest judges will include Debra Messing and Kelly Osborne. Vivre CEO Eva Lorenzotti will be our poor-man's Tim Gunn. Just jokes, Eva! You'll be great! My best advice? Make it work!

Here is a brief look at the contestants (unfortunately, Lifetime.com has yet to populate contestant biography/info pages):

Cotrice (Milwaukee, WI/Atlanta, GA): Specialty -- jewelry Brian Burkhardt (Manchester, NH/Miami, FL): Specialty -- jewelry Christina Caruso (New York, NY): Specialty -- jewelry Nina Cortes (Miami, FL): Speciality -- jewelry Shea Curry (Hattiesburg, MS/Los Angeles, CA): Specialities -- jewelry, hair accessories Adrian Dana (Baltimore, MD/Lithonia, GA): Specialty -- church hats David Grieco (Watertown, NY/Los Angeles, CA): Specialty -- belts Kelly Horton (Philadelphia, PA/Edgewater, NJ): Speciality -- handbags Diego Rocha (Sao Paolo, Brazil/Chicago, IL): Specialty -- handbags Nicolina Royale (Minneapolis MN/Los Angeles, CA): Specialty -- leather rock 'n' roll accessories Rich Sandomeno (Elmwood Park, NJ/Los Angeles, CA): Specialty -- jewelry James Sommerfeldt (Chicago, IL): Speciality -- footwear

To recap, Project Accessory premiers on Thursday, October 27, at 9:30 p.m. CT, directly following the season finale of Project Runway on Lifetime.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.