Project Runway All Stars: The Final Four Meet Nanette Lepore

This week on PRAS: We've hit the final four: Austin, Kenley, Michael and Mondo battle it out in what Mondo so accurately describes as "the last challenge before the final three." New York City designer Nanette Lepore is this week's guest judge, and the winning look will be sold in her stores across the United States. The theme this week is "saleability." The designers are challenged to create a ready-to-wear look for the retail customer. Profits from the sale of the winner's look will go to Save the Garment Center, an organization dedicated to encouraging, highlighting and promoting "Made in NYC" and "Made in America." Also, did you guys know Mondo doesn't sketch? Like, at all? Well, he doesn't.

Well, it only took an entire season, but Project Runway All Stars has finally given us some truly fascinating content. After a sketching session, each designer consults with Nanette and her coster, Kelly, to see how much each outfit will cost to produce and sell; the difference between the retail cost and the manufacturing cost determines each designer's fabric budget. BRILLIANT. Michael's "fabric-eating" (Nanette's word, not ours) jersey jumpsuit will retail for about $350, leaving him with a $48 fabric budget. It's on. (Kenley: $350 retail/$41 fabric budget; Austin: $500 retail/$65 fabric budget; Mondo: $300 retail/$32 fabric budget.)

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Christina Uticone