Project Runway Alum Chris March Brings "Mad Fashion" to Bravo Network

Longtime Project Runway fans are sure to remember the big, happy-go-lucky costume designer-cum-Project Runway finalist Chris March. One of the most popular contestants in show history, March's designs were memorable, if not always tasteful. His genial attitude and quick wit made him a favorite among fans and contestants alike and now he has his own show, titled Mad Fashion, premiering on Bravo on Tuesday October 4.

The show will follow March and "his eccentric crew of fashion misfits" as they push the boundaries of fashion, creating one-of-a-kind pieces for his famous clients (Jennifer Coolidge, Chrissy Teigen).

Project Runway season four gave teeny-tiny design powerhouse Christian Siriano his start, but it also gave PR fans another contestant to love: cuddle bear Chris March. Siriano and March didn't seem to have much in common at first, but in fact both have backgrounds in costume design. March distinguished himself on season four with his friendly attitude and silly giggle, while Siriano's overuse of the word "fierce" and his over-the-top dramatic flair garnered him a lot of screen time--as did his considerable design talents.

It was on episode 8, entitled "En Garde!" in which March and Siriano were paired to work together on a team challenge. Each team had to create an avant-garde look inspired by their model's hair style, in a two-day challenge with a $300 budget. The teams were further challenged to create a second, ready-to-wear look based on their first look for $50. Siriano and March were a winning team, literally and figuratively: the episode was highly entertaining and Siriano took home his second of four wins that season.

Chris March has a gregarious personality and sweet nature that are easy to love, and which make him very watchable. March has created costumes for major stars--Madonna, Beyonce, Meryl Streep--so the show's guest lineup may have some surprises. "Mad Fashion" will air at 9 p.m. CT on Tuesday, October 4 on the Bravo Network. You can watch a short excerpt of the show at Bravo.com.

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