Project Runway Season 10 Casting Shrouded in Mystery, Plus Three Cool Blogs to Take the Edge Off

Project Runway has been holding casting calls across the country this spring and sharing some of the details on its blog. And by "some of the details" we mean very few, very scant details -- a photo from the Dallas, Seattle and New York City casting calls, plus a few lines about their location. Although the blog refers to these posts as "sneak peeks," we don't see anything but judges at a casting table! The links for the casting call and application for Season 10 are all still active, but there is no final cutoff date mentioned, nor is there a list of cities in which auditions are being held.

Frankly, the whole thing is making us pretty cranky.

For those of you who are anxiously awaiting the return of Project Runway, we have compiled a list of PR resources to help take the edge off until we get more details about what to expect for Season 10 -- and the Project Runway blog isn't one of them.


TVGasm recaps of PR are just hilarious. Super-snarky and kind of mean, but writer Flipit says what you are probably thinking already. Until PR returns to our schedules, reading the old recaps at TVGasm is a great way to get a temporary fix.

Blogging Project Runway

Bloggers The Scarlett, Laura K and Tbone stalk keep track of all of our favorite PR personalities. Reporting on appearances, awards and professional accomplishments, the blog is updated almost daily. They even have their own iTunes podcast channel on which they interview designers from past seasons.

Tom and Lorenzo

Tom and Lorenzo are "Fabulous & Opinionated," and their blog covers Project Runway plus a whole lot more. Design and fashion are their shared passions, but their PR recaps are particularly hilarious. How can you not love a recap titled, "Our Bouche Was Not Amused"? All of their coverage is great, so if you love your style served up with a lot of snark, bookmark their blog.

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Christina Uticone