Project Runway: So-so Attempts to Sew '70s

This week on Project Runway: The designers are charged with creating sophisticated, '70s-inspired fashion; Viktor worries that the other designers are going to start getting catty; Viktor's catty side comes out.

There are seven designers left on Project Runway and the claws are coming out. In the opening montage Viktor tells us he is less worried about upcoming challenges than he is about the remaining designers turning on one another. Viktor then spends the rest of the episode plotting and scheming and secretly resenting the other six designers.

This week's challenge is sponsored by Piperlime. The designers are given a mere $100, and are instructed to create a '70s-inspired (but not vintage or literal) look; they must create separates, and the winning look will be sold on Piperlime.com.

Things heat up as soon as the designers get to Mood. Anya, whose dress is without pockets, stashes her money envelope in the top of her dress and -- surprise! -- loses her money. From one flat-chested girl to another: Anya, don't keep stuff where your boobs are not. Tim tells Anya that her options are to purchase fabric with any change the other designers might have leftover, or to use muslin from the workroom. Anthony Ryan gives Anya $11.75, and upon returning to the workroom all of the designers except Viktor offer her their leftover scraps. Tim points out that Anya has been incredibly generous in past challenges with her time and extra fabric, and hopes her karma will benefit her now. Viktor refuses to help Anya, saying it is a competition and he would love to help but he can't.

From a design standpoint, all of the contestants are feeling confident except for Joshua. He wasn't alive in the '70s and has apparently never seen an ad, movie or television show from, or set in, the '70s. Joshua spends a lot of time wandering around the workroom. All of the other designers are thrilled and inspired with the '70s aesthetic. I am curious whether Bert's age and experience will give him an advantage or steer him toward something too literal. The man designed for Halston, for chrissakes -- is there anything more '70s? No.

On Day Two Tim assigns a new challenge: The designers must create a second look, one-piece (no separates), with a $50 budget and another quick trip to Mood. Anya is very worried, as losing her money meant dyeing muslin and extra sewing work to get look number one up to par.

On the Runway

High Scores

Viktor: Heidi thinks they are two great looks, Nina thinks the tailoring is great. The judges think it's a little conservatively designed.

Anya: The judges are impressed with what Anya could do considering she lost her money. Nina thinks it looks expensive and feels spirited, and that they work for online shopping.

Bert: Heidi is a fan. Michael likes the metallic chiffon blouse, and that Bert took the two sides of the '70s (blousy, streamlined). Nina would buy his looks.

Low Scores

Laura Kathleen: Nina thinks the black/white chevron is a prison look, and that the second look won't read well online. Michael says it isn't fashion, it's just clothes.

Joshua: Michael thinks there is schizophrenia between the two looks. Heidi calls it one of the worst she's seen in a long time. Nina calls the choice of fabric "horrendous," but appreciates that he takes risks; she says he has an edit problem that isn't going away.

Anthony Ryan: Nina thinks the look is too "hippie-dippy" and that it doesn't have a luxe feeling. Michael likes the early-'70s reference, but thinks the execution is poor. Heidi "would not want to be any of those girls" and Nina adds that she thinks they look like they are in a cult.

Winner: Anya, for her second look, the maxi jumpsuit. This is a big upset considering she started at a serious disadvantage. Her jumpsuit will be sold on Piperlime.com.

Runner-up Surprise: Heidi announces that Bert's second look -- the minimalist mini-dress in neutrals -- will also be sold on Piperlime.

Out: Anthony Ryan! I am disappointed because I really like him. The judges have loved his ability to mix prints, especially considering his color blindness. To be honest, his work has been inconsistent.

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