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Psophonia Dance Company: New Pulse

Rehearsal footage from Psophonia Dance Company's upcoming

New Pulse


Psophonia Dance Company Co-Artistic Directors Sonia Noriega and Sophia L. Torres handed choreography duties over to several past and current company members for the group's upcoming performance, New Pulse. All but one of the pieces are new to Houston audiences.

Company member Emily Bischoff presents Shenanigans. "Her idea was that you constantly have numerous things going on in your mind, trying to filter the information as you receive it and trying to hold on to some of it. The thing that's really unique about her piece is that she interviewed all of the current dancers in the company and she took that information and created a soundscore with it," says Torres. "It's wonderful. It works really well with the music that she has, but it gives the piece its own unique flavor. You're not hearing all of the comments in a line, you're hearing them mixed up and run backwards, and in pieces. It sounds like the clutter in your own brain. The movements also have an improvisational element."

Mexican native Patty Solórzano contributes the eight-minute-long Entre Irse y Quedarse/Between Going and Staying. Solórzano relocated to the United States while a teen and Entre Irse is an exploration of her transition to her new life. "Patty wanted to create a work that showed how she was feeling about leaving things behind, and trying to adjust to life here, " Torres tells Art Attack. "It's a blend of folkloric movements, but it's still very grounded in contemporary dance."

Solórzano incorporates photographs of Mexico City, her home, and the people that were important to her as a backdrop to her work. "It's sort of a chronology of her life, put out there onstage."

Torres says that she can see the influence of each dancer/choreographer's university training in their work. "Solórzano's piece is very expressive and has a definite story that she's trying to tell, whereas Emily's is more big, broad strokes, kinda quirky."

I. Photo II. Synthesis by Marielle Perrault and Kendall Kramer, both graduates of Southern Methodist University, has Torres very excited. "This is right up my alley because I really enjoy work that uses a lot of props. "They use lights, not just the lights that light up the stage but lights that the dancers manipulate and move. I don't want to give it away, but at one point the dancers are in one area and then the next time you see them, they are in a completely different spot. It's really sharp and quick," says Torres.

Psophonia Dance Company presents New Pulse at 8 p.m. November 18 and 19 at Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, 2201 Preston. For information, visit www.psophonia.com or call 713-802-1181. $12 to $15.

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