Public Art on Display: Watch Artist Edgar Bustillos Create His NASA Mural

The space shuttle program may be history, but motorists on NASA Road in Webster can still see rocket ships and the beauty of space, courtesy of area artist Edgar Bustillos.

Bustillos, who also teaches P.E. at McWhirter Elementary School, designed and painted a mural, an homage to the space program, on the side of the school with the help of his students.

Bustillos tells Art Attack that the project encompassed everything art should be: made by the community, for the community.

"For me, art represents the times, the culture and the community, and it should be exposed to all people, not just people that go to art galleries," he said.

The mural, which features images of astronauts and rockets, also shows the faces of some of Bustillo's students, reflecting the diversity of the community. Bustillos says the project brought the community together, and he often worked with as many as 16 students, former students and other community members in the summer heat. As a sort of time capsule, Bustillos recorded the painting of the mural and uploaded it to YouTube, which you can see above.

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