Rainy Day Blues ... and Pinks, and Purples, and Yellows ...

What a difference a year makes. Last summer we were all walking around practically naked, baking in the heat of the relentless sun, with nary a drop of water from the sky; this summer (this week in particular) temperatures have been pleasantly rooted in double digits, and there appears to be no end in sight to this rainfall.

So how does a stylish city-dweller stay dry while maintaining a sleek, put-together look? Skip the Xtra-Tufs and shapeless rain ponchos, and invest in some cute wet-weather gear. Let's take a look at some ideas, straight from our favorite shopping source: The Internet.


Galoshes are a mysterious kind of footwear. They are not inherently flattering, what with their big rubber soles and bulky silhouette, but somehow, with the right splashy color and pattern combination, they end up looking adorable. The amount of standing water in parking lots and on sidewalks practically dictates the necessity for a good pair of galoshes for city-crawling -- ladies, you know what we're talking about here, right? That thing where you misjudge a puddle and end up with water up to your knees? (Or worse?) A pair of galoshes in a bright, fun pattern will keep you dry and cheerful on a rainy day.

We love • Couture: Burburry House Check Rain Boots: Zappos, $225 • Preppy: Chooka Top Solid in Bright Yellow: Zappos, $65 • Whimsical: Merona Zabrina Dot Rain Boots in Multicolor Polka Dots: Target, $29.99

Rain Coat

Save the sporty North Face for your next hiking trip. For city streets, try something a little more stylish. No ponchos, please! Coats should fit to flatter, not make you look like you're floating down the sidewalk in a tent. Belted trench coats are perfect, and flatter every size and shape. Bonus: They never go out of style, so it's a worthy "splurge" purchase.

We love • Couture: Kate Spade New York "Diane" Raincoat: Nordstrom, $678 • Preppy: J. Crew Midnight Trench: J. Crew, $250 • Whimsical: Colorful Isaac Mizrahi for QVC trench coats with polka dot lining: $79.80 (clearance priced) for QVC


Don't forget the umbrella! Buy a couple and stash one in the car and one by the front door so you are never without -- maybe even buy a third for your tote bag. Not every day is going to be a deluge like the one we've had this week, and on those occasions an umbrella is all you'll need.

We love • Couture: Pasotti Italian Umbrella in Fuchsia Dahlia Loop: Umbrellas.net, $228 • Preppy: Monogrammed Umbrellas: The Letter Tree, starting at $32 (for adults) Preppy: Mini Travel Umbrella in Hunter Green with Dog Motif: Eddie Bauer, $6.99 • Whimsical: Mini Travel Umbrella in Hunter Green with Dog Motif: Eddie Bauer, $6.99

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