Real Crazy Party

If you're a fan of MTV's Real World, you're aware that the show's Austin permutation just isn't as scandalous as seasons past.

But hey, the show has had its moments. So what have we learned from our young RW friends Wes, Melinda, Nehemia, Johanna, Danny, Rachel and Lacey? For starters, we've learned that Melinda and Rachel are a lot of fun in a hot tub (yow!). We've also learned that a shit-faced Johanna can be a real pain in the ass -- like when she tripped out on Nehemia at a bar and caused him to storm off, which prompted Wes and Danny to follow him, which in turn spurred a street brawl that demolished Danny's face (oh, the drama!).

Yep, Melinda's freaky and Johanna's a mess, and you can buy them both drinks and watch the insanity when they join Danny at Pink Monkey this weekend for the Real World Austin Party. "We're gonna get a little crazy," says Zack Truesdell, Pink Monkey's owner. "They'll be bartending and judging a wet T-shirt contest. We may even have them pour the water on the girls. Hopefully, Melinda will be in the wet T-shirt contest. Heh."

It's a reunion of sorts for the Real World crew and Truesdell, who regularly welcomed them to his Austin club, The Drink, and thus has some dirt on them -- especially the guys. "They were trying to get laid all the time, and it wasn't working. You don't see them hook up with hot chicks on the show," he says. "If you're on The Real World, and have a Real World suite and can't get laid in two months, that's pretty damn weak. That's pretty gameless."

Take it easy, Zack! Maybe the guys had other things on their minds. Danny just lost his mom. And Wes, er, had to comfort him. And Nehemia, um…was focused on his film career. Whatev.

Of course, no one can argue that the ladies are scandalous. So head to Pink Monkey to see if Melinda will make out with a random female. Oh, and a word of advice: If you're planning to buy Johanna a drink, um, you better watch your face.

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Steven Devadanam
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