Reality Bites

Reality Bites: Friendzone

Here's the thing: The people who still make jokes about how MTV *used* to play music long ago fell out of step with reality (no pun intended). The Real World debuted in 1992, and if we're to listen to the whinier members of Generation X, that's when things apparently started falling apart for the vaunted network that gave us Riki Rachtman and 14 daily airings of Duran Duran's "Rio."

MTV's primary function (a place for bored teenagers to idle away their youth) remains the same. It's just that now they accomplish the same feat with dumbass reality shows instead of dumbass Styx and April Wine videos. I'd like to say I'd have avoided a show like Friendzone when I was 15, but you'd have had to drag me away from Loverboy's "Hot Girls in Love" for more than ten seconds to admit it.

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