Sell Your Body Show's Latest Menu Offers Comedy, Chocolate and Nudity

Sell Your Body Show: Chocolate Edition explores all different interpretations of the sugary treat.
Sell Your Body Show: Chocolate Edition explores all different interpretations of the sugary treat. Photo by Steve Patlan.
Was it the late Julia Child who proclaimed, "Give me chocolate, or give me death," or is that just the phrase we repeat in our head every time we walk through the grocery store's candy aisle? Either way, Rec Room Arts is hosting something all dessert lovers can get behind. Its Sell Your Body Show: Chocolate Edition, coming July 29, is themed around our favorite tasty treat.

"I wanted to be more playful and sexual by exploring an aphrodisiac," says show creator and producer Britt Vasicek. "[The artists] are just taking the word and the concept of chocolate and interpreting it in their own way. The idea is they would have something broad that they could play with."

Vasicek says she's still finalizing the list of performers, but guarantees a good mix between performance art, storytellers and comedy acts. She has already confirmed a few artists.

The Knotty AcroCats will perform a bondage routine. Jennifer Free will deliver a performance-art piece that requires audience participation. Stacey Daniels will provide a spoken art piece that uses chocolate as a metaphor for a bowel movement. The Space Rhyme Continuum — a duo composed of poet James Trotter and rapper Detre Val — will offer a comedic freestyle number. For her part, Vasicek will perform a burlesque routine involving chocolate and a chef's hat.

"Using nudity to get people to attend, but to have non-sexual nudity acts, is kind of a balancing act." — creator Britt Vasicek

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Oh, and there will be nudity.

"Part of Sell Your Body is meant to desexualize nudity. Nudity is not inherently sexual. Being able to illustrate that has been really profound. Using nudity to get people to attend, but to have nonsexual nudity acts, is kind of a balancing act," admits Vasicek.

Needless to say, the show is intended for 18-and-up audiences, but nudity isn't too far of a leap for a show titled Sell Your Body. Vasicek says the show originally got its title from a phrase she would use whenever she was financially depressed.

She faced a dilemma when her car needed repairs and she didn't have the funds to cover the costs. So she just uttered a phrase we all have heard at least once in our lives: "Well, if I don't have any money, at least I could always sell my body on the street." That's when inspiration struck the stand-up comedienne.

"Somebody said I should do a benefit show, so I called it Sell Your Body to get attention, but it illustrates for me how naked I could be," she says. "I’m putting my personality and brand out in front of people. That line between performance and prostitution always fascinated me."

It seems to have worked. The show that started out happening only once every couple of months has drawn enough of a following that Vasicek has transitioned it into a monthly event. The Chocolate Edition is the seventh incarnation of the Sell Your Body production.

"I’ve decided to make it monthly because I have a pool of performers who show up each time," she says. "Before, I took about two or three months to get everything together, but now that we’ve decided to make it monthly, we just do everything in double-time. I’m always working making promo materials, videos, working with different artists. I’d say we work right up until the show. Then, when the show closes, I take two days off, and then I get right back at it."

Sell Your Body Show: Chocolate Edition plays 10 p.m. on Saturday, July 29 at Rec Room, 100 Jackson. For information, call 713-344-1291 or visit recroomhtx.com. $10
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