Red Bull’s Urban Rhythm

BMX, an officially recognized Olympic sport, has come a long way from the days when it was just a few kids doing tricks on dirt paths on Schwinn Sting-Rays in the 1970s. Houstonians will get to watch one of the most exciting forms of bike racing out there with a real twist thanks to Red Bull’s Urban Rhythm. In addition to the action from stars like Hucker Clark, Aaron Ross, Coco Zurita and more, the track being erected in downtown will be decorated by our own master graffiti artist GONZO247 and his team from Aerosol Warfare.

“BMX and street art have never been showcased this way in Houston,” said Gonzo. “I’m excited to see the two art forms come together. Live BMX styles on top of Street Art Styles!” Gonzo has been hard at work with Clark to come up with the proper themes to backdrop the high-energy showcase; he and a team of artists will cover the entire race track with custom-designed graffiti work. “Both street art and BMX are forms of self-expression,” said Gonzo. “The theme ‘there is potential in everything’ describes the very idea that artists and athletes can come together recognizing they both take something (paint or a bike) that may be meant for a more practical use and manipulate it for their own thrill-seeking sport or art form.”

7 p.m. 1503 Chartres Street. For information, visit Free.
Fri., Nov. 22, 7-9 p.m., 2013

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