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Remember Crash?: Past Best Picture Winners That Time Forgot

Each year, there are Best Picture winners at the Oscars. Some of them go down in history as some of the most beloved and re-watched films of all-time, like Forrest Gump, The Silence of the Lambs, Rain Man, Rocky, Annie Hall, the first two Godfather pictures and even Gone with the Wind.

But then there are the films that enjoy a white-hot intensity of critical love and box office success, only to fall by the wayside as the years go on. Two thousand nine's techno-marvel Avatar would go on to make nearly three billion dollars worldwide, but I do not personally know anyone who has seen it since its release, or even owns it.

It was nominated for Best Picture in 2010, but lost out to The Hurt Locker. There was a point that year when Avatar was almost a lock to win Best Picture honors too, but Locker's gritty war story won the day.

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Craig Hlavaty
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