Ren Fest's Last Weekend for 2012: Go Now or Wait Till Next Year

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Fair warning one and all: This is the last weekend for the 2012 Texas Renaissance Festival and with the slightly cooler temperatures and the last-minute discounts, this is a good time to make the trek to Plantersville.

The day after Thanksgiving had stalwart souls still tackling turkey legs, while Christmas touches (and other kinds) abounded. At several of the shops, get-out-of-town discounts were being offered on merchandise.

A magician who said he was from Australia set up out in the open and attracted crowds of kids and their parents as he performed all sorts of wonders -- not the least getting people to put some money in his hat afterwards.

Over at the Hacienda San Jorge, a great new addition to the Ren Fest this year, South American cuisine was being served up, while international dancers kept the diners/audience mesmerized in their seats. The usual assortment of barbarians walked the land.

And then you had the barbarians who were supposed to be forbidding, but weren't.

And then there were the moments of pure enchantment.

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