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Rest of the Best 2014: Houston's Top 10 Painters

Before we get to the list of Houston's Top 10 Painters, we'd like to make a quick statement about who isn't on this list. There are lots of talented, gifted local painters that we didn't mention here. That's not because we don't appreciate their work, but because we defined the term "painter" a little more narrowly than might be common. It helps us from comparing apples and oranges.

We didn't include any mixed-media artists. Yes, many of them use paint in creating their artwork, but we were looking specifically at artists who create work that is just painted. We didn't include any muralists here, either. Painting the side of a building and painting a 20-inch canvas aren't quite the same thing. Yes, both are paintings, but the differences in scale make it hard to compare the two. And we didn't include any out-of-town artists. There are several folks doing great work outside of Harris County, but this is a list of Houston's top 10 painters. (Thank you, Moe Profane, for kindly nominating yourself to this list, but as much as we like your work, including the recent exhibit at Redbud Gallery, you live in San Antonio.)

So, we looked at painters who work with just paint on canvas, wood or metal, painters who create works that are at least slightly smaller than the side of a building and painters who live in Houston. Here's the list.

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Olivia Flores Alvarez