Restoring "Under God" to the Green Lantern Oath

Dear Warner Brothers and DC Comics:

I am writing as a concerned fan and parent, and not at all as some kind of smart ass satirist. I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see Green Lantern finally hit the big screen, and with Ryan Reynolds portraying Hal Jordan I think we can all be assured of a faithful adaptation of one of the most influential comics of all time.

However, I was disturbed to hear that the film version has omitted the phrase "Under God" from the famous Green Lantern pledge, and as big a fan as I am, and how much I dearly want to share this experience with my daughter, I'm not sure I can support Green Lantern unless the phrase is rightfully restored. I do not think that such a noble hero's solemn oath should be subject to censorship just because of political correctness.

Some may pretend otherwise, but the Green Lantern pledge, as I learned it, should read:

In brightest day or blackest night

No evil shall escape my sight

Let all who worship evil's might

Beware my wrath... Under God... Green Lantern's light!

Now, I am well aware that the pledge that golden-age Lantern Alan Scott uttered was completely different to begin with, and that times do change. However, the pledge has been under attack from all sides by minority interests for decades.

First the pledge changed "blackest night" to "darkest night" under protest from African-Americans against a negative connotation to the word "black" (I am happy to see it restored to original form on the film's poster). Then, an entire new pledge was penned simply to accommodate Rot Lop Fan, whose alien species does not have the sense of sight. What will happen next?

Will ACLU lawyers representing imprisoned criminals demand the word "evil" be replaced with "those who suffer from malign hypercognitive disorder?" Will all but Satanists and Cthulhu Cultist be exempt from the justice meted out by the brave men and women of the Corp because they do not "worship evil?"

In 1954, the United States government voted that "Under God" be used in the Pledge of Allegiance. As the Green Lantern Oath is clearly a pledge of allegiance, I feel that there can be no debate on this subject. When Michael Newdow filed suit in Sacramento challenging that the phrase constituted a violation of church and state, America saw that its faith was under attack.

Because of Newdow, there are a handful of public schools in California whose children are forbidden to mention God in their morning affirmation of their love of America. Such children need their heroes now more than ever, but apparently Green Lantern, who has successfully defended earth against so many interstellar threats, has no defense against activist judges and rampant secularists.

In closing, I would like to thank DC Comics and Warner Brothers for many years of wonderful stories. I have as much faith in the excellence of the Green Lantern film as I do in God Almighty. I would like you to ask yourselves, though, what lesson will we teach out children by leaving God out of the plot?

I, for one, refuse to believe that the Central Power Battery on the Lantern Corps' homeworld of Oa that each Lantern uses to recharge their power rings while reciting the oath can possibly be powered by anything other than the will of God. And how else would a man be able to overcome the being of ultimate fear, Parallax? Through simple humanity and willpower? I doubt that.

Green Lantern's power ring makes the imagination of the wearer into reality in the form of solid light constructs. Such a power cannot remain in the hands of humanity without acknowledging the rule of God. Failing to do so within the Lantern's solemn oath risks our children forgetting God's place in comic books.

Thank you for your time. I have the honor to remain...

Yours Truly, Jef With One F

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