Review for the Lazy Parent: Animal Poppers

Toy Name(s): Animal and Rapid Fire Power Poppers from Hog Wild

Age Group: Four and up

Cost: Animal Poppers $9.99, Rapid Fire Power Poppers $16.99

Are These Recreational Poppers? Yes, but not in the way you are thinking. Animal Poppers are rubber toys geared at the little ones in your herd. The poppers come in various animal forms such as cows, dogs, moose, penguins and dinosaurs. Each popper comes complete with a foam ball which, when you squeeze the animal's belly, comes popping out of the animal's large hole.

Oh, You Mean Pooper: Not quite, the Animal Poppers shoot their balls from gaping holes in their mouths.

Is That All It Does? Yep. The Animal Popper's sole purpose in life is to pop a Nerf-like ball from its mouth at an unsuspecting person, such as you, while you are most likely drinking your morning coffee.

If that doesn't tickle your child's fancy, he or she might be interested in the "high-powered" Rapid Fire Power Popper.

Is That Like a Gun? The Rapid Fire Power Popper is indeed a gun, but one that shoots the same foam balls as the Animal Poppers. The Power Popper is less semi-automatic and more marshmallow shooter. The Power Popper holds up to 12 balls and has a pumping-like mechanism that launches the balls into the sky.

Should I Buy This Toy? It's doubtful that the Animal Poppers will promote violence in your home, and the animals are cute enough. The concept is somewhat bizarre when you think about the fact that they are animals that shoot balls out of their mouths, and ball-launching cows don't sound particularly educational or exciting. If you don't mind the inevitable foam ball to the crotch, then they might be a way to amuse the kids for about ten minutes.

The Power Popper, on the other hand, is basically a gun and if you are the type of parent who doesn't allow that in your home, this might be one to skip.

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