Riding the Heat Wave: 10 Movies to Keep You Cool

Raise your hand if you're tired of getting burned on that small section on your back between your shirt hem and your belt every time you get in your car, if you're tired of getting up so damn early to go for a run, or if you're tired of eating orange popsicles because your roommate got to all the cherry, grape and lime ones before you did.

Don't let last night's rain fool you. We're going well over 100 degrees every day this weekend.

This weather sucks. And yeah, it sounds like I'm complaining, but I survived the Snowpocalypse without so much as a whimper. At least with cold Midwestern winters you get snow days, hot cocoa and sledding. You also get salt in your pants, the added chore of shoveling snow and cabin fever.

Maybe it is kind of a trade-off, but the fact is that the heat is insufferable right now. So here are ten movies that are bound to keep you cool.

10. Dr. Zhivago

David Lean's classic epic; features lots of lonely Siberian landscapes, howling winds and Communists.

9. Smilla's Sense of Snow

The title says it all.

8. Alive

This will make you never, ever, ever want to visit the mountains, or possibly even fly, ever again.

7. The Ice Storm

The icy atmosphere here is a metaphor for lack of emotion, so you end up feeling doubly cold.

6. Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

Okay, so only a small part of the movie takes place on the ice planet Hoth, but come on. It's an

entire planet

made of ice.

5. Fargo

Yay, Midwest.

4. Batman and Robin

Schwarzenegger as Dr. Freeze is kind of a bust, but the comic-book production design sparkles like fresh snow.

3. The Thing

We're not sure what's up with the horror genre and snow, but it's a damn fine combination.

2. The Day After Tomorrow

In which planet Earth turns into Hoth.

1. 30 Days of Night

Vampires in Alaska. There's a Palin joke in there somewhere.

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