RIP, Sherwood Schwartz: Five Brady Bunch Episodes That Remind Us of Gilligan's Island

Even if you think Ginger was a slut and/or the Bradys were bubble-gum lame, there's little arguing that Gilligan's Island (1964-1967) and the Brady Bunch (1969-1974) remain where it's at for influential sitcoms.

Don't believe us? Well, Houston Press recently gave a visual ode to the Brady Bunch in our July 7 feature story entitled "Our Haus."

The creator of the shows, Sherwood Schwartz, died Tuesday morning from natural causes at the age of 94. Though it's not super-evident, there was some thematic crossover between the two, especially with these five Brady Bunch episodes that sure have a lot in common with Gilligan's Island.

(By the way,YouTube is giving us the cold shoulder with embedding. Instead, we've linked to each episode in the body copy.)

"Getting Davy Jones" (1971) Unlike the S.S. Minnow's faulty equipment, The Monkees' Jones was one (dream)boat that had his motor running.

"The Teeter-Totter Caper" (1971) Cindy and Bobby's plight to break a world record in teeter-tottering would have made for a much better way to spend an afternoon than listening to Thurston and "Lovey" Howell's aristocratic white whine.

"Hawaii Bound" (1972) Boy, can you imagine how stoked the "Skipper" and "Little Buddy" would've been if Don Ho and Sam Kapu serenaded them!?

"Adios, Johnny Bravo" (1973) Aside from an occasional Karlheinz Stockhausen short-wave radio composition, Greg Brady's slightly out-of-tune, rootsy vocal stylings as Johnny Bravo would have totally spiced up the radio bulletins that "The Professor" incessantly listened to.

"Greg Gets Grounded" (1973) This episode -- where frogs cause Greg's hot date at the drive-in to be a total drag -- demonstrates what happens when tropical island-like wildlife evades an urban setting.

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