Risky Bizniss

If you ever participated in one of Jacob Calle’s video scavenger hunts, prepare to get a (pleasant or unpleasant) reminder. Calle saved the videos from his contests, which feature hipsters participating in Jackass-style stunts for cash. He’ll show a “greatest hits” collection of his stash at Risky Bizniss, an art/music warehouse party featuring two spaces: Area 1 and Area 51.

Head to Area 1 to see if you recognize anyone from the clips. Then stay for the danceable beats served up by The Fluokids, who are coming all the way from France to lay it down. Rounding out the rotation will be local DJs Michele from Spinnin’ Kitties, Reverberation’s Psychedelic Sex Panther, Speakerboxx’s Dayta and more. Area 51 will feature Calle’s bigger-than-life drawings. “I drew all this shit, and I’m just going to blow it up really big — billboard style,” he says, adding that most of them are of dinosaurs and DeLoreans. These drawings will provide the backdrop for musical performances by local poppy post-punkers The Factory Party, instrumental experimentalists B. and H-Town favorites Spain Colored Orange.

The night includes free Sparks and beer while it lasts, but be careful not to pull any regrettable drunken stunts or one of Calle’s cronies might tape it and show it at future festivities. 9 p.m. Thunderdome Warehouse, 3020 Garrow Street. For information, call 832-221-3331 or visit www.whatthehellmovie.com. $10.
Sat., March 8, 9 p.m., 2008

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Dusti Rhodes
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