San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Girding My Loins

This Thursday I will be making the 45-minute flight to San Diego, California to attend Comic-Con 2012 (I depart at 10:05 a.m. and arrive at 10:50, which seems more than reasonable for flying halfway across the country). It'll be my first time checking out what has become the 4th largest convention of its kind (the biggest in North America) and the premiere event for comics, sci-fi, anime, and Hollywood studios trotting out the coming tentpole releases they hope will draw the lucrative geek market.

I finally took a look at the daunting four-day schedule and immediately went into shutdown mode. There's just too much to do, I muttered to myself, better just to stick with my original plan of getting blind drunk on happy hour martinis at Donovan's Steakhouse and harassing as many Slave Leias as I can find.

But no, that's no way for a professional journalist - or part-time blogger with delusions of same - to act. The San Diego Comic-Con is a massive assembly of twitchy nerds, itchy gamers, and bitchy pop culture enthusiasts, but it *can* be conquered, and conquer it I shall.

Depending, of course, on how many of these panels I can get into, of course.

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