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S&T Art Design Studios May Need a Better Studio

Saturday night, Art Attack swung by the inaugural viewing of new art presenters S&T Art Design Studio's first showcase. S&T Art Design is comprised of the husband-and-wife team of Terrence and Susan Boggs. You may recognize the names from their previous showings at the (seemingly defunct) Elder Street Gallery. S&T chose for their new location a space situated in the Sawyer Heights Lofts. Yes, those lofts, by Target in the Heights. If you are like us and have always wondered if anyone actually did anything there, now you know.

The space itself, if you can imagine, seemed to be the lofts' communal area. Bookshelves lined the walls and a computer/business center was situated in the far corner; attempts were made at hiding the area with artwork. The room was lovely and spacious and one would assume that it is only open during private or reserved events.

The main artist featured that evening was David Cagney and his series of abstract works. Cagney's artwork is striking, rich colored paint spilled across the canvas as if it was accidentally dropped in perfect placement. The canvas was then shellacked over to create a glossy surface. If you recall playing with Spin Art as a child, you may get a visual.

According to Cagney, S&T contacted him to showcase his work and asked him to bring along two artists. Cagney invited two artist friends, RQ Fields and Ayed Fadel. Fields is a Houston native working in colorful washes and mixed media. Iraqi-born Fadel showcased large-scale paintings of women, which were the highlight of the evening for us. His semi-abstract portrait of a figure in a bright yellow nightgown captured an intimate femininity that only a lover might see.

The evening was on the clunky side. The entrance to the Sawyer Heights Lofts is locked, so someone from S&T was forced to wait in the entranceway to let patrons in. Additionally, the room was on the second floor, not the biggest deal but cause for confusion. The artwork was not labeled nor were there prices or a price sheet when we first showed up. We witnessed a bit of a scramble to get organized, never a good first impression.

In their defense, this was the Boggs' first showing in the space and glitches are bound to happen. They seemed willing to give it another shot, though, as they told us this was the first of many to come. Most likely the next will be sometime in the spring. The Sawyer Heights Lofts are located at 2424 Sawyer Heights Street, Houston 77007.

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Abby Koenig
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