Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah in As Obama, Taran Killam to Play Paul Ryan?

Love SNL as much as we do? We'll be live-tweeting the season opener starring Seth MacFarlane and musical guest Frank Ocean tomorrow night. Follow along with us @ArtAttackHP.

Venerable comedy institution Saturday Night Live returns this weekend for its 38th season, with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane hosting and summer sensation Frank Ocean in as musical guest. Ocean is also bringing along his pal John Mayer.

Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will host September 22, with Mumford & Sons handling music, and current James Bond Daniel Craig and Muse will take their turns on October 6.

Besides having a whole summer of events to catch up on, this SNL season premiere will also see cast member Jay Pharoah taking over Barack Obama duties from Fred Armisen, who has played the Commander-In-Chief since 2008.

Armisen's Obama has always been even-mannered and quite nerdy, and if you have seen any YouTube clips of Pharoah taking Obama BP, you will know that his is more boisterous, the Obama we have seen on the campaign trail this year.

Pharoah's impersonations have always been impeccable and biting, and longtime fans of the show say that they remind him of Eddie Murphy's earliest appearances on SNL.

When the show went away for the summer back in May, there was no such thing as Paul Ryan, but now that Mitt Romney has named his vice presidential running mate, that position should be filled by cast member Taran Killam, though Bill Hader's name was also brought up, too.

Almost all the speculation has been aimed squarely on Killam, with The New York Times hinting as much.

Jason Sudeikis, who was on the bubble to return to SNL this season until Wednesday, will be back as Romney. One can't help but think that if Mittens loses in November if Sudeikis will be scarce from then on around the show. Was he lured back just in case of a Romney/Ryan win?

Killam looks like he will make a great Ryan, but I sorta wish that Andy Samberg was still on board to play the congressman from Wisconsin as the evil frat-boy that he seems. But Killam has always turned in funny work as Michael Cera and other celebs.

If we do end up getting four years of Mittens and Ryan, I don't expect Sudeikis to stick around until 2016 as president. More than likely someone else will take the reins.

I'm still torn over which Clinton impersonation I liked more, Phil Hartman or Darrell Hammond. Michael McKean's Clinton was awful.

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